Choose the best exchange

Identify the best option

When buying cryptocurrency for the first time you need to answer two questions:


Regarding the currency, in the beginning it makes sense to buy one of the biggest and most reputable cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are less volatile and easily tradable on all exchanges due to high trading volumes. While most smaller cryptocurrencies are legitimate and reputable, some of them can suddenly lose value due to insider trading or scams.

When buying cryptocurrency the best starting point are the biggest exchanges. They are usually the safest option, as they have advanced security measures to prevent scams and hacking of users’ wallets. They also verify the cryptocurrencies which are listed on them to further eliminate scams.

To make choosing an exchange easier we have compiled a list of major cryptocurrency exchanges on our website. We’ve ranked them according to cryptocurrency price and security . We have carefully analyzed measures exchanges take to protect their customers’ money - IT, legal and transparency - and aggregated them into a Security Score. The score provides transparency necessary for buying cryptocurrency. In addition when you go to the exchanges directly from our website you will receive special bonuses and discounts.