Apr 19, 2021

Two days ago we offered a special deal, or have we?

If you follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed a Coinerro post two days ago offering a very special deal - send us Bitcoin and we will send you three times as much.

That „deal“ was obviously a scam. It is quite ironic we were impersonated right after mentioning this very scam in a blog post. The impersonation was thankfully discovered by one of our team members on the same day it was set up. It was rather crude, with the posts using team members‘ pictures and our logo to further their fraud.The website was also copied with minimum effort, just the photos, nothing else.

Blotted out crypto scam picture

We reported the posts and the website to Facebook. Strangely enough, Facebook repeatedly refused to agree with our suggestion to classfy them as scam. The posts were finally taken down 3 hours after being reported. The fake Facebook site disappeared shortly thereafter.

Fake Coinnero website created by scammers

Why are we writing this and posting the pictures? Because this happens to every crypto project. This was our second time - a few months ago a fake website starting posting scam comments under our posts. The scam works better when there is some ongoing transaction or sale, e,g, an ICO within the project. It usually plays on our fomo - grab the deal now, or it will be gone.

Fake crypto scam impersonation

While the scam seems easy to avoid, a man in Germany lost 10 BTC this way a few months ago. If you ever see anyone in crypto offering something for free, remember this:

  • most crypto giveaways are either low-value or surprise drops
  • no legitimate entity ever offers to double or triple your crypto
  • higher volume crypto giveaways are almost always connected with doing tasks for the project, e.g. social media promotion or testing
  • no giveaway ever involves sending funds to address xyz