Jan 23, 2021

Major Mining Company Accused of Fraud By J Capital

Dishonest behaviour in the crypto industry is not restricted to exchanges or ICOs. Yesterday Bit Digital, a major crypto mining company, was sued following allegations of fraud by J Capital, a research firm. However, the truth is still unclear.

On one hand the J Capital report is properly researched, you can read it yourself here. On the other hand J Capital admits to be a short seller, meaning it may possess a position on Bit Digital shares, thus having a vested interest in driving down the price.

While the matter will be settled in court and on the stock market, The Motley Fool has a very reasonable take on the topic: no matter what the truth, the upside with the company in question is limited and the downside significant.

This rule of thumb works well for other cryptocurrency companies. If the exchange, broker or wallet you want to get involved with faces allegations of improper business conduct, it might be a good idea to pass. There is usually not much to win, but a lot to lose.