Mar 24, 2021

How To Get Free Crypto?

Ever wanted to start dabbling in cryptocurrency but don't want to waste money? Here are three real ways to get 10-50$ worth of crypto to start your adventure.

1. Use Coinbase Earn or Coinmarketcap Earn
Watch short movies about a given coin and then answer questions about it. If your answers are correct you get some of the coin for free. While these offers are limited, you can get 2-10$ worth of one coin. Do it a few times during a bull run and you can have e.g. 50$ on your hands. Coinbase requires opening an account and related KYC beforehand, but if you use this link, you will get...

2. Signup bonuses on exchanges
Some exchanges give out bonuses if you sign up on them via a referral link. Coinbase ( or Coinfield ( give out around $10 if you register and deposit $100. Not a lot, but can be combined with point 1 to give you a small cushion to experiment with.

3. Airdrops
New cryptocurrencies sometimes distribute small coin amounts for free via airdrops. To catch this, you need to keep up to date on new projects at a very early stage and usually get involved in their community, e.g. testing or providing feedback.

Have you ever used any of these methods?