Mar 22, 2021

Crypto Slang For Beginners

While crypto is complex, its esoteric language makes it seem even more so 🧐. Here are some of the terms you can encounter when making your first foray into the crypto world 🌍.

to HODL 💪 - to hold a coin for a long time in spite of price volality, braving all highs and lows. Originated from a drunken rant on Bitcointalk in 2013:

Moon 🌙 - the price level all hodlers of any given coin dream of. Means exponential growth and a huge increase in value. Often used as a verb or in „W(h)en moon?“ questions.

Airdrop 🚁 - people asking „Wen moon?“ often also ask „Wen airdrop?“. It is an event when a certain portion of a token is distributed for free. Was widely used to kickstart usage of new tokens. Now notably less popular and often restricted to people involved in the community around a given coin.

FUD 😱 - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, a derogatory label for criticism (No FUD allowed!)

Ape in 🐵 - buy crypto, just because many people are buying it, without any serious analysis. Sometimes a fully conscious action as a small bet.

What should we add to the list?

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