May 06, 2021

3 New Options For High APY Crypto staking

The crypto market offers opportunities for significant returns. However not many people know significant profits can be made just holding and staking coins. Here are new crypto projects which enable very high staking profits.

In our post a few weeks ago we described a portfolio of opportunities enabling investors to reap significant Annual Percentage Yields (APYs). Today we will show you a few new crypto projects which offer very competitive staking opportunities.

1️⃣ Collateral Pay

Collateral Pay is a new crypto project, which is building a payment gateway, which will enable fiat payments using crypto as collateral. The platform‘s native token, $COLL, will also have to be staked to enable gateway usage. The project has top crypto VCs on board, including AU21, Master Ventures and Blocksync Ventures, so the risk of it being a scam is very low.

Since launching this year Collateral has been running staking pools on its website, usually announced on its telegram channel. The pools had up to 800% APY, with the highest valued ones filling quickly. Currently there is one 150% APY pool open for staking on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), thus reducing necessary gas cost. Further pools should open in the near future, especially after the Collateral marketplace launches on the 12th of May.

To stake you need to go to the Collateral staking page, choose the staking pool, connect your wallet via the correct network and stake $COLL. The staked tokens are locked up for a period of timed specified in the pool.

2️⃣ Unifarm

Unifarm is a website enabling users to stake their tokens and earn a portfolio of tokens with an APY averaging around 140%. You can stake various tokens and use both the ERC 20 and the BSC networks for staking. Staking batches last five weeks, on the first of the cycle you get one of the tokens as a staking reward, on the second week two and so on. The reward tokens come mostly from new crypto projects with significant potential. Unifarm is a legitimate project with a strong investor lineup, including AU21, Alphabit and Blocksync ventures.

To stake choose your network, connect your wallet and choose the token you want to stake. Keep in mind you do not have to stake $UFARM but also other projects. Also beware there is a different crypto startup with a very similar name.

3️⃣ APWars

APWars is a gamified farming protocol. It enables its users to fight against each other in Human & Orc themed armies. Fighting involves buying units and equipment and the winning faction gets further cash & NFT rewards. The website enables farming its $wGOLD coin with Liquidity Pool coins created by pooling $BNB or $BUSD with $wGold on Pancakeswap. The Annual Percentage Rate currently offered is 900+%, meaning the APY would be much higher, if the user compounds his or hers rewards back to the pool.

Remember staking LP coins can mean impermanent loss, i.e. a reduction in value of the LP coins as compared to holding the crypto in your wallet. To stake you need to go to Pancakeswap, but $wBGOL and pool it together with your $BNB or $BUSD. Then return to the APWars farming page and stake your pooled liquidity. 


APWars have recently gained a lot of popularity due to an airdrop. The game has gained a steady following but out of the three projects described today it is the most risky ome. It hasn't publicly named any partners and the team is anonymous. Both of these things happen in crypto, at the same time they increase the chance of the project being a rug pull. In a way it is understandable the project with the highest APY carries the most risk.

As you see, crypto APYs are extremely different from return rates you encounter in other investment areas. While new projects are popping up every month, Quam, Xfai or Launchpool which we described a few weeks ago still produce enviable APYs. So do your own research and consider if you can make your crypto work for you in an efficient way.